Cannabis Approved Land: 721 & 799 El Camino Real, Greenfield, CA

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Asking Price:$11,900,000
Property Type:: Land (Approved for ALL categories of Cannabis)
Address:: 721 El Camino Real, Greenfield
APN:: 109-161-005
Approvals : Cultivation 6-14-2016 Resolution#: 2016-45
 Manufacturing 6-14-2016 Resoluton#: 2016-45
 Distribution 11-21-2017 Resolution: 2017-86
Address:: 799 El Camino Real, Greenfield
APNs:: 109-161-015, 016, 017 & 018
Approvals:: Cultivation 2-28-2017 Resolution#: 2017-09
 Manufacturing 2-28-17 Resolution#: 2017-09
 Distribution 11-21-2017 Resolution#: 2017-86
 Dispensary/Retail 11-21-2017 Resolution#:201787
Total Land Area:: 13.3 Acres (579,348 SF)
Description:: Raw Level Land Both addresses are continguous.
 Easy access to Hwy 101, Major Agricultural Hub
Comments:2019 Cannabis Production in Monterey County Report
Total production value for cannabis cultivation during 2019 was calculated at nearly $450 million. The value is summarized and averaged from products sold and is a gross production value. Capital expenditures, labor, profits, fees, taxes, and other overhead costs are not reflected in this total and it does not represent the net profit of the industry, or any individual cultivator.
See the full report in the listing.
Monterey County adopted its final budget for next fiscal year with $4.74 million from the fund going to community good causes including a last-minute gift of $250,000 to the Food Bank.  $15.4 million, nearly all of the expected new revenue, is going to be spent to balance the budget. If 3 million sq. ft. of canopy will get them $15 million, 5 million sq. ft. will get them $25 million.  The way for the County to increase revenue is to grow the industry, which sound tax policies will allow, and the developing market will support. 
The Ag Commissioner released the Cannabis Crop Report, the first in the state and the nation, and maybe in the world!  It presents a gross production value of $449,688,000. Cannabis would rank fifth among our ag crops, right below broccoli.  Next year I think we will be #3. That was done on just 86 acres of licensed canopy, which equates to $119/sq. ft./year in gross revenue. The problem with crop reports is that they do not account for any expenses. I’d like to see a UCANR cost of production study on cannabis as they do for other crops. Maybe someday they will be able to do that. 
The Cannabis Program is engaging two Professors from CSUMB to perform a social equity assessment, funded by a state grant.  This work is expected to inform the Program to be able to apply for a second round of funding to implement an equity program. We are already providing many good jobs.  What could the government do? Education for your employees or future employees may be a possibility.  Think about it, there will be focus groups.  
The Agricultural Commissioner has some Covid-19 Essential Farm Worker wallet cards available. The cards are in Spanish and have some useful information and phone numbers.  If you would like to pick some up, call the Ag Commissioner’s office.  
Thank you for being an MCCIA member.

Bob Roach
MCCIA, Executive Director
The City of Greenfield was one of the first cities in Monterey County to engage the cannabis business.  There are twelve cannabis operators with licenses to operate in Greenfield.

Available PDFs
PDF 2019 Cannabis Production Report for Monterey County
PDF Site Plan

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