Land: 1271 Canyon Del Rey Blvd, Seaside, Monterey County, California

For Sale
Asking Price:$1,500,000.00
Address: 1271 Canyon Del Rey Blvd, Seaside, California
APNs: 011-371-005/021/022
Property Type: Land
Land Area: 1.03 Rentable Acreage
Zoning: RGC - Regional Group Commercial, Car Wash, Kiosk (Coffee, etc)
Project Description: Retail, Restaurants,QSRs, Retail & Car Wash
Water Source: On-Site Well. See Well Report, below
Requirements for Public Water Systems:: Transient Non-Community Water System
County Health Department: Regulations:
Traffic Count: 27,983 VPD 2018 Canyon Del Rey Blvd, Seaside
Comments: City of Seaside: CRG (Regional Commercial) zone. The CRG zone is applied to areas of the City that are appropriate for large-scale commercial development with retail, entertainment, and/or service uses, or business parks of a scale and function to serve a regional market. Permitted land uses may include hotels, “big-box” retail, movie theaters, and business parks in the North Seaside area only. The maximum floor area ratio (FAR) is 1.0; except that hotels are allowed a maximum FAR of 3.0. The CRG zone implements and is consistent with the Regional Commercial (RCC) land use designation of the General Plan.
Link to Commercial Zone Permitted Uses:!/Seaside17/Seaside1714.html
Link to Coastal Implementation Plan:
Link to Coastal Land Use Plan:
Link to Water Allocation Program:!/Seaside13/Seaside1324.html#13.24
City of Seaside - Coastal Zone Ordinance:  Link:!/Seaside18/Seaside18.html
Coastal Zone District
CVSC   Coastal Visitor-Serving Commercial
Purpose: To establish areas to service the needs of visitors to Seaside and the surrounding area.

Available PDFs
PDF JPC-LGS Disclosure Natural Hazard Report - Summary
PDF JCP=-LGS Natural Hazard Disclosure Report
PDF Culligan Evaluation & Quotation for Water Treatment for Potable Water Source
PDF ORTC - Preliminary Title Report Escrow #0724021182-HT
PDF Bierman - Constant Well Puping_ Aquifer Recovery Test Quantity & Quality Analysis Report
PDF Coastal Zone Map - City of Seaside
PDF Coundary Mp
PDF City of Seasdide Title 17 Zoning Ordinance Code Chp 17.14 Commercial Zones
PDF Neighborhood Developmewnt Program
PDF Survey Map - with Exclusions
PDF Power Point Presentation

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