Land: River View at Las Palmas, Monterey County

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Property Type:: Land for Senior Living Facility
Project Type:: Continuum Care Residential Community (CCRC)
Location: Las Palmas Ranch, Monterey County, CA
Land Area: 15.67 Gross Acres
Zoning:: MDR / 2.86 U/A, Speciic Plan for Las Palmas Ranch, Phase I
Project Description: 26 Independent Living Units - 42 Beds
 40 Assisted Living Units - 50 Beds
 39 Memory Care Units - 48 Beds
Delivery Condition: Subject to CUP Approval by Monterey County Supervisors
APN:: 139-211-035
Demographics (10 Mile Radius): Total Population 2015 (Estimate) >Age 65 - 23,572
(Nielsen): Total Population 2020 (Estimate) >Age 65 - 27,797
Why Senior Living Care?: By 2020, 12 million older Americans will require long-term care services, while the U.S. senior housing sector currently only consists of approximately 2.9 million units/beds.
Monterey County CUP Application: PLN150372
Supporting Documents & Studies:  1. Project Application/Plans 2. Monterey County General Plan 3. Toro Area Plan Land Use Plan 4. Title 20/21 of the Monterey County Code (Zoning Ordinance) 5. CEQA Air Quality Guidelines, Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District, Revised February 2008 6. Las Palmas Ranch Specific Plan and EIR. 7. Biology - Las Palmas Ranch Specific Plan EIR; Supplemental Site Inspections and Reports (Regan, December 2011, October 2013) 8. Geology � Las Palmas Ranch Specific Plan EIR; Geologic Hazards Report and Soil Engineering Feasibility Study (Landset, 2014) 9. Traffic - Las Palmas Ranch Specific Plan EIR; Project Specific Trip Generation Studies and Analysis (Hatch, Mott, McDonald December 2013, March 2014, April 2016) 10. Water Supply - Las Palmas Ranch Specific Plan EIR; California Water Service Can and Will Serve letter August, 2015 11. Waste Water Disposal � Las Palmas Ranch Specific Plan EIR; California American Water Company Can and Will Serve letter November, 2015 12. Ferrini Ranch EIR
Market Evaluation: : Although there are 5 operating senior facilities within the 10-12 mile radius of River View at Las Palmas, the competition was not deemed significant by our market study consultant. Historically, the local senior facilities have been operated a near full capacity. Given the current senior living facilities capacity of 670 beds and a Monterey County population of 433,000, the ratio of 1.5 beds/1,000 population is significantly less than the national average 4.0 beds/1,000 population based on 1,233,690 beds and 308 Million population per an AARP study of the year 2010.
Entitlemant Upddate: NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY DRAFT SUBSEQUENT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REpORT (DRAFT SEIR) PROJECT TITLE: RIVER VIEW AT LAS PALMAS ASSISTED LIVING SENIOR FACILITY (PLN150372; SCH # 2017031025) Notice is hereby given that the County of Monterey is seeking written comment on the Draft Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (Draft SEIR) on the River View at Las Palmas Assisted Living Senior Facility project (RMA-Planning File No. PLN150372; SCH # 2017031025) in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act. The public review period will begin on March 12th and end on April 25th, 2018. This review period is established for the purpose of receiving written comments on the accuracy and adequacy of the Draft SEIR together with other information relative to the environmental effect of the project.
Draft SEIR:
PC Hearing PLN: 150372:
Property Highlights: Destination Location, Serene Setting overlooking the Salinas Valley
 Convenient location for Monterey Peninsula and Salinas Valley Households
 Gated Community, All utilities are stubbed to Property
Comments:DEMOGRAPHICS - 2020 CENSUS Tract 107.01
Population:         6,464
Area:                  19.5 Square Miles
Density:              332 Population / Square Miles
Age:                    70+            13%             840 Population
                            65+            57%             3,685 Population
Major Assisted Senior Living facilities in Monterey County:
Merrill Gardens at Monterey                       150 Residents | License # 275202591
The Park Lane, Monterey                            125 Residents | License # 275294322
Sunrise Assisted Living of Monterey           112 Residents | License # 275202358
Cottages of Carmel                                       78 Residents | License # 275202707
Madonna Gardens                                        88 Residents | License # 275202569
Sunrise Villa Salinas                                     185 Residents | License # 275202734
Brookdale Salinas                                         83 Residents | License # 275294018
            Total Max Occupancy:                        821 Residents     
Monterey County Statistics:      
Monterey County Population (2019)                432,877
Monterey County Population 75+           24,007 (5.6% of population)
Monterey County House Holds 75+         131,062
Monterey County Penetration Rate 75+   0.6% (NIC California average 9.8%)
Monterey County White Population 75+   18,469 (4.3% of population)
The Aging Bubble:
  • Approximately 10,000 individuals cross the age threshold of 65 every single day (U.S. Census)
  • The senior-citizen segment is growing three times faster than the rest of the American population, and is projected to outnumber children 18 and under for the first time in U.S. history by the year 2034 (U.S. Census)
  • A projected 54,000 new senior housing units are required, annually, between 2020 and 2025 to keep up with demand (NIC Data)

County of Monterey, Planning Commission Hearing for PLN: 150372 - October 9, 2019
County of Monterey Resource Management Agency Update, March 12, 2018
The NoA (Notice of Availablity) for the Draft SEIR has been filed, and the required docs will be forwarded to the SCH (State Clearing House) today.  The public review and comment period will begin on Monday, March 12th, and run for 45 days through April 25th, 2018.
The Draft SEIR is also available on the RMA-Planning public website at the following link:
The River View at Las Palmas Senior Living facility will be a vibrant community for Monterey County seniors. Our community will create jobs, support local businesses, increase tax revenue for the Salinas Valley, and strengthen Monterey County by working together with local civic, health, and business organizations.
River View at Las Palmas Description

This independent, assisted, and memory care proposed facility located in Las Palmas Ranch is located within the prestigious Hwy 68 corridor within close proximity to the Monterey Peninsula. This project is located next to some of Monterey Peninsula’s premier residential neighborhoods, such as  Las Palmas Ranch, Markham Ranch, Monterra, Pasadera, Tehama, Hidden Hills, Corral de Tierra, San Benancio and Toro Estates. The amenities in the main buildings include lounge, theater, bistro, wellness, beauty, and dining areas. Details of this project are:

    Main Buildings (Living Area)
    Assisted Living Facility:       43,384SF
    Memory Care Facility:         38,708SF       
        Total:                           82,090SF in the main buildings

      Assisted Living Casitas:     27,993SF
    Total Project Living Area:    110,085SF

    26 unit assisted living casitas
    40 unit assisted living care building
    39 unit memory care facility

Project entitlements are  scheduled for completion  Fall 2016.

As you can see from the marketing study, they did not use a 5 mile radius for their evaluation.  It is more reasonable to look at a 10 mile radius given the traffic patterns of this community.  There is a significant amount of cross-traffic between the Monterey Peninsula and the City of Salinas, along the HWY 68 corridor.
There are approximately 17,000 people living in the Hwy 68 corridor, which is about 10 miles long.  This  primary area has the following demographics:
Median Age:                      48
Average Age                      43
Age >65                             22%
Pop by Education             83% Some college,No degree of more
                                       45%  Bachelor and/or Advanced Degree
HH Income Average:      $148K
HH Income Median:        $121K
Housing Value Median:   $735K   

75:          Laguna Seca/Pasadera/Bay Ridge/Baronet Estates/Hidden Hills  1247
76:          San Benancio 976
77:          Toro  237
78:          Indian Springs/Pine Canyon 559
98:          Corral de Tierra  2045
99:          Las Palmas 1304
138:        Spreckels  214
139         Monterra Ranch  158
166:        Tahema/Carmel Valley 1090
168:        Hidden Hills/Los Laureles  261
The Monterey Peninsula has a population of approximately 105,000.
The City of Salinas has a population of approximately 150,000.   
The Monterey Peninsula and Salinas are connected by Hwy 68, which is one of primary area for jobs and is a primary access to those jobs located in Ryan Ranch Business Park, Garden Road Business Park and Laguna Seca Office Park.
Per the marketing study there are three existing senior care facilities on the Monterey Peninsula (Sunrise, The Park Lane and The Cottages of Carmel) and one in currently in construction at Irish Canyon adjacent to Del Monte Mall.  There are two existing senior care facilities in Salinas (Villa Serra and Brookdale Senior Living) and no projects in construction. 
The total bed count for the existing senior living facilities, not including home based businesses) is 671 beds.  Based on a combined population of Hwy 68, Monterey Peninsula and the City of Salinas, that is a ratio of 2.5 beds/1,000 population, or 12 beds/1,000 population of +65 years of age, assuming a 20% consort.
The uniqueness of this opportunity has been created by the multiple high barriers to entry constraints that exist on the Monterey Peninsula and along the Hwy 68, include the following constraints, such as, lack of water and developable land, traffic impacts, significant public resistance to development, etc..
River View at Las Palmas Assisted Living Senior Facility
Project Name: River View at Las Palmas Assisted Living Senior Facility
File number (s):  PLN150372
River View at Las Palmas Assisted Living Senior Facility
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Project Name:
River View at Las Palmas Assisted Living Senior Facility
File number (s):
(Vicinity Map:)

The project site is located at the end of Woodridge Court, Las Palmas Ranch Subdivision, Salinas. Vicinity Map
Assessor's Parcel Number:
Planning Area:
Toro Area Plan
Joseph (Joe) Sidor
Current Status:
Environmental Status:
 Final Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (SEIR)
Project Description:
The proposed project includes a Specific Plan Amendment, Use Permit, and Design Approval for the construction and operation of a senior assisted living facility and associated site improvements on an approximately 15.74-acre site at the location referenced above. The facility would consist of the following components:
  • 13 “casitas” providing 26 units and up to 42 beds.The proposed structures are single-story and range in size from approximately 1,500 to 3,800 square feet.These units are intended to serve seniors who may require a moderate level of daily services, such as meals, maintenance and cleaning, and shuttle service.While services and assistance are available to occupants of these units, occupants may maintain a moderate degree of independence, such as preparing their own meals and operating their own vehicles.
  • An approximately 43,400 square-foot, two-story assisted living facility consisting of 40 units and up to 52 beds.The assisted living facility would provide a wide range of assistance for seniors, including meals, medical assistance and transportation.
  • An approximately 38,800 square-foot, three-level memory care facility serving seniors who require a full range of services and assistance.The memory care facility would include 39 units and up to 48 beds.

It is anticipated that the facility will have 92 employees when operating at maximum capacity, with shifts varying between 12 and 21 employees at any one time.
Key Dates:
  • Application submitted – September 16, 2015
  • Application re-submitted – December 23, 2015
  • Notice of Preparation filed – March 7, 2017
  • Draft SEIR circulated for public review and comment from March 12 – April 25, 2018.

  • Final Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (Complete Document)
    • Cover & Table of Contents
    • Introductions
    • Topical Responses
    • Responses to Comments on the Draft SEIR
    • Revisions to the Draft SEIR
    • References
    • Tables
      • Table 3-1 - Policy Consistency Review
      • Table 11-1 Noise Measurement Result
      • Table 11-2 Estimated Noise Levels by Construction Phase
      • Table 11-1 Noise Measurement Result
      • Table 11-2 Estimated Noise Levels by Construction Phase
      • Table 3-1 - Policy Consistency Review
    • Figures
      • Figure 11-2 Noise Measurement Locations
      • Figure 11-2 Noise Measurement Locations
    • Appendices
      • Appendix H April 2017 Botanical Survey
      • Appendix I-1 Conceptual Stormwater Control Plan
      • Appendix I-2 March 2019 California Water Service Can and Will Serve Letter
      • Appendix J Noise Modelling Results


Available PDFs
PDF Project Description - Submitted to Monterey County
PDF Area Zip Codes 93908, 93924 & 93923
PDF For Sale - River View at Las Palmas
PDF Master Site Plan P-1.1
PDF River View at Las Palmas - Las Palmas Ranch Phases I & II
PDF Demographics - 10 Mile Radius
PDF Master Plan - River View at Las Palmas

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